Polaroid Fotobar

Polaroid Fotobar is proud to announce four amazing new exhibits that will debut at The Polaroid Museum this spring inside The LINQ in Las Vegas. All four exhibits by Lucas Michael, Maurizio Galimberti, Marc Serota and Maripol capture the excitement, mystère and sometimes even mundaneness of some of pop culture’s most celebrated celebrities.

Serota has witnessed and captured some of the world’s largest and most significant events while working as a photojournalist for Reuters, the Associated Press and Getty Images. He has covered everything from rock concerts and Super Bowls, to the Olympics and the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Though Serota relied on his Polaroid camera throughout much of his career, his real affection for it shines through in his personal project, which will be featured at the museum.

Serota utilized a multi-step, image-transfer process to create a large body of Polaroid portrait prints, or “pictorial biographies,” that showcase some of the entertainment industry’s top icons, including Paul McCartney, Roger Daltry, Kenny Rogers and Gloria Estefan. Serota created his transfer art while on tour with McCartney. At the time, he was also doing editorial work for Rolling Stone and Details magazines, in addition to his work in the fashion industry for clients like North Beach Leather.

Marc Serota is a Co-Owner and an Officer at POLAROID Fotobar with many locations throughout Florida and with stores opening all over the country. Serota, has been instrumental in guiding some of the many sides of this revolutionary and uniquely creative new business. In addition, Serota has an extraordinary new exhibit of his Photographic Image Transfer Artwork at the Andy Warhol – Polaroid Fotobar Photography Museum above it’s flagship store at the LINQ in Las Vegas, Nevada. His exhibit includes work that was commissioned by celebrities such as Paul McCartney and Gloria Estefan.